Review from Wandering Weddings

 Nick Edmundson, CEO & Founder 


From the moment you lay eyes on the cover of Sherry Martin Peters’ “ELOPE,” you’re transported into a world of stunning landscapes and boundless adventure. The cover alone, with its expansive scenery, sets the tone for what this book promises: an elopement experience that’s as breathtaking as the landscapes it showcases.

The book kicks off with a vibrant depiction of what could be the ultimate adventure elopement in Switzerland—a personalized celebration that’s distinctly yours. This introduction doesn’t just set the scene; it pulls you in. Having eloped myself, Peters’ vivid storytelling and detailed guidance made me wish I could do it all over again.

“ELOPE” is more than just an inspirational read; it’s a comprehensive guide to planning your elopement. Peters meticulously walks you through every step—selecting the perfect adventure photographer, choosing a location, and even advice on attire. Importantly, she emphasizes the significance of Leave No Trace principles, ensuring that the spectacular backdrops chosen for these special days remain untouched and pristine for future lovers and adventurers.

Midway through, a standout moment for me was Peters’ affirmation, “Rules, What Rules?” It encapsulates the essence of eloping—there are no rules. Let me say that again, THERE ARE NO RULES! This liberating approach encourages couples to make their special day truly their own, devoid of constraints and filled with personal touches. This philosophy resonates throughout the book, encouraging you to dream big and tailor your wedding day exclusively to your desires.

Perhaps the most compelling sections are those that share real-life elopement stories. These narratives not only inspire but also provide practical insights into how other couples navigated their unique celebrations. These accounts add a rich, experiential layer to the book, transitioning it from a theoretical guide to a practical playbook.

Sherry Martin Peters’ “ELOPE” is an essential resource for anyone considering an unconventional wedding. It’s a treasure trove of information, inspiration, and invaluable advice, perfect for those plotting an intimate, adventurous union. The book not only guides you through planning but also connects you to further resources like Wandering Weddings, where you can find vendors who specialize in crafting such bespoke celebrations. 

“ELOPE” is a 10/10 – An impeccable guide that makes planning an adventure elopement not just approachable, but utterly irresistible. Whether you’re crafting a fresh journey or considering a vow renewal, this book will undoubtedly be your first and most cherished resource on that journey.

Review from European Elopement Guide

Cat Ekkelboom-White, Founder 


Big weddings aren’t for everyone. But for many couples, finding a way to celebrate getting married that aligns with them can be a confusing and overwhelming process. From the first page, Sherry paints a picture of an idyllic modern-day elopement, transporting the reader to the mountains of the Swiss Alps and inspiring a totally different version of the “perfect wedding day”. She then walks them through every step of the process of how to bring this dream into reality.

Through the lens of her own experiences and those of fellow flight attendants who also eloped, she seamlessly weaves together anecdotes, budget breakdowns, and practical advice to create a comprehensive

roadmap for couples embarking on this unconventional wedding journey. Whether it’s choosing a destination, including family, or navigating the logistics of travel, Sherry’s step-by-step guide enables couples to navigate every aspect of elopement planning with confidence and ease.

As an adventure elopement photographer, sustainability advocate, and founder of the European Elopement Guide, a blog that connects couples who want to get married in Europe with local vendors, I was thrilled to read the Leave No Trace and sustainability section, as this is something that should be talked about more in the wedding and elopement industry. I was also thrilled to read about many examples where Sherry highlighted the great value hiring local vendors can bring to an adventure elopement, especially the benefits of hiring a local adventure elopement photographer.


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