Introducing ELOPE, the perfect companion to help plan your dream adventure elopement. This softcover book, ebook, and planner is designed specifically for couples who prefer a minimalist approach to planning. With ELOPE, you will find all the necessary tools and resources to plan a beautiful and intimate elopement without the stress of a big wedding. ELOPE is the ultimate guide for planning an intimate ceremony and adventure elopement.

Additionally, this softcover book, ebook, and planner is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their special day in nature’s breathtaking settings. I want you to envision your elopement in a national park, pristine beach, majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, or glaciers. With its guidance and insights, ELOPE offers a step-by-step approach to help you plan an elopement that truly reflects your unique love story


A new author book by Sherry Martin Peters, called ELOPE, showing on the cover a photo of a bride and groom walking across the edge of a mountain in Isle of Skye Scotland


This 224-page softcover book is written for those who think outside the box. It’s for those who want to do something radically different for their wedding day, couples who want forgo a traditional wedding altogether. Meanwhile, it creates the perfect excuse for those who consider themselves nonconformist, untraditional, or unconventional. 

This guide illustrates how eloping has nothing to do with sacrifice. It’s about prioritizing personal values and desires and gives you permission to elope your way! Adventure eloping beckons the fearless bride who is not afraid to get her wedding gown dirty. Moreover, it invites a couple envisioning an escape from traditional venues to opt instead for breathtaking landscapes.

From budgeting to logistics, hiring photographers and vendors (or not!), or telling family members of your decision,  it’s all addressed at length in the guide.




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Within the body of the book, you’ll find interactive planning checklists to keep you on track and organized. This book doesn’t just offer planning advice, but a source of inspiration for creating a one-of-a-kind adventure elopement experience. From choosing the perfect location to creating a personalized timeline, ELOPE has everything you need to plan the elopement of your dreams.

If you’re looking for a resource that combines practical planning tools with creative ideas for an intimate elopement, look no further than ELOPE. Get your copy today and start planning your ultimate elopement! 

ELOPE e-book

The ebook features over 200 clickable links and recommendations throughout to make your elopement planning even easier! It’s also a full-color e-book, featuring amazing images in color.

From vendors to unique accommodations, and national parks to other amazing destinations around the world, see who/what I highly recommend. These links will take you directly to the website, saving you the hassle of searching.

See how I eloped before it became trendy; take a peek at my itinerary and budget, learn how I selected my destination and ceremony site. I even share my list of vendors (which you can use as a reference or copy!). Read about other jet-setting flight attendants who eloped, and take a peek into how they planned, where they eloped to, what vendors they used, and take in gorgeous imagery of their perfect day.


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Photo of author Sherry Martin Peters who wrote ELOPE published May 2024. She is blonde with long hair, blue eyes, and wearing a solid black shirt looking straight into the camera with a smile.



Sherry has been a flight attendant with a major U.S. airline for the past twenty-five years. Therefore, she brings valuable knowledge of destination travel and adventurous experiences to the elopement trend.

A trailblazer in the adventure elopement movement, Sherry leverages her extensive experience as a photographer and her love of adventure and travel, as she embarked on a passion project to share her expertise and enthusiasm by writing ELOPE.

Her goal is to pour her heart and soul into inspiring couples to make a bold and intentional choice to plan their elopement day their way. To step outside of the box and embrace adventure and travel. She provides inspiration and insight into less explored destinations and locations.

To learn more about Sherry, please visit her sister site: The Wild Love Collective